Leather & Suede care 

We use vegetable-tanned leathers for the vast majority of our leather belts, and the minimal chemical finish allows a natural finish – giving them a soft and luxurious feel which will get better with age.

Should the product get wet, please remove any water with a dry microfibre cloth and allow it to dry naturally. Once dry you can apply a transparent leather conditioning balm or cream to nourish the leather and buff with a dry cloth.

It's not advisable to use leather creams or oils on matte leather as leather creams often create a slightly shiny effect.

If you scratch your leather belt please rub it gently to see if it will disappear. In the event that the scratch is deeper, please use a dry cloth to clean the area and then add a little specialist leather balm to soften the scratch before buffing with a clean dry cloth.

Please keep your leather items away from heat and damp and store in the Black & Brown dust bag.

Suede is a unique and delicate material meaning it is best to avoid contact with light-coloured clothing and upholstery as the dye from this leather may transfer.

As all our leathers have a natural finish, overexposure to water should be avoided. Should the product get wet, please remove any residual water with a dry cloth and allow it to dry naturally.

Because suede has a very soft, velvety finish, water drops can darken the leather temporarily, returning to its original colour upon drying.

If any watermarks remain, brush the leather with a soft brush to remove any particles and unify the look of the leather. It's important that the bristles used are soft, and made of materials such as nylon to brush the leather without causing any harm. Be sure to avoid using any hard plastic or metal brushes.